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Need an AR or VR app? We have a dedicated team for that. We can deliver Unity or Unreal desktop or mobile experiences using state-of-the-art augmented and virtual reality capabilities to impress your clients. We cover everything from 3D graphics to software development, management and deployment or integration to existing e-learning or training solutions.


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Our agile development approach promotes transparency and close cooperation between the stakeholders and the development team. Agile lets you reach effective solutions to complex problems quickly, with precise control over your budget. We have worked together with people from various countries and have the skills to make remote collaboration with your employees effective. The team can take care of application development, UI and UX design, testing and even project management, so you can focus on important strategic decisions and let us do the rest.


Your app needs to be flexible, adaptable and extendable while being cost-effective to develop and deploy. We use test-driven development (TDD) where almost all code is covered by automated tests. We know all the nuts and bolts of iOS and Android, and we closely follow technological advancements. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies like Kotlin Multiplatform, we can even share a significant part of the codebase between platforms, saving you time and money. We have also adopted Clean architecture. It lets us create modularized, functionally rich and well-structured apps and at the same time it lowers the maintenance costs.

  • Raifeisen Bank
  • CitiBank
  • Societe Generale
  • DHL
  • O2
  • Konika Minolta
  • Vodafone
  • Škoda
  • Orange
  • ING
  • T-mobile
  • NN

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