​​​​Open Source

Would you like to free yourself of commercial licences and set off on the path to free software? We’ll help you remove the risks and increase efficiency.


Development, perspectives, innovation

Over the past few years open source software has become an important source of innovation and taken over the baton from proprietary product software. The interest of firms is growing, especially in the sphere of web solutions, and the boundaries are becoming blurred of what exactly is and isn’t open source.​
Open source decentralises software development. Thanks to its open licences it allow for a broad variety of applications. However, this fact in itself also brings pitfalls and risks that have to be dealt with. The potential of open sources solutions is growing constantly, which is why we at Cleverlance have long taken an interest in this sphere.

Fast development, flexibility, reasonable price

The advantage of open source software is that it can be developed quickly, and this allows current technical and business trends to be responded to almost immediately.
Thanks to its flexibility an open source solution can focus on the specific problems of a business that has not until now have not been satisfactorily resolved by any proprietary software.
We’re experienced in open source products and use them frequently. We can design and create a top quality, robust solution without the need to acquire a commercial licence. This means you reduce your initial investment and make cost savings on maintenance and operations.


When designing systems we try to use all the possibilities of an open source solution wherever possible, be these web servers, integration technology, communication busbars or portals. We connect them to the client’s existing infrastructure or build greenfield systems.

Development using continuous integration

Continuous integration is a development process in which the code is stored in a central repository. Any errors are detected immediately. This principle guarantees that the product is completed more quickly and is better quality. 


Open source is not only restricted to the application layer. We also use it intensively for integration. We have developed the CleverBUS​ platform for the integration of applications, which we use for our clients.


We work with certified standards and we monitor new trends constantly. Our favourites include JBoss, Tomcat, Liferay, etc.​